The refilling benefits

  • An inexaustible Marketplace
    Cartridges remanufacturing and refilling is an ever-growing market, both for profits and for number of potential customers.
  • Value for Money
    A remanufactured cartridge offers the same quality of a new original cartridge with a saving of 50%.
  • Eco-Sustainability
    Cartridges are toxic waste: remanufacturing and refilling drastically reduces waste and pollution.
  • Consulting and Reliability
    I.Color relies on a professional staff who has been working for more than 10 years in the remanufacturing industry. It offers a direct and continuous support to all its customers.
  • No technical skills required
    The business we propose does not require any specific knowledge or technical competence: our consultants guide and support the customer in each single step, from the professional training to the centre opening and following their growth the periodic updates
  • Feel totally free
    È possibile gestire i centri di rigenerazione i.Color all’interno di altre attività commerciali;
    If you are already involved in a commercial business don’t worry, you can open your I.Color centre in your shop; there is no royalty or periodic fee to pay; You can manage your business according to your own project, using the I.Color brand and taking advantage of Automation System””s ten-year experience.

All we can give you…

I.Color offers to its partners: technical training and documents, continuous updates, professional machineries and equipments engineered by Automation System for a proper cartridge remanufacturing, technical assistance, quality certified imaging material and always available aftermarket components, commercial and marketing consulting services (graphics, promotion…).

Your investment

Becoming an i.Color partner and opening a new cartridges refill centre is extremely simple! The investment is small: compare our proposal to other franchising opportunities, and you will immediately understand
our competitiveness. It is not a standard offer: the initial
all-embracing investment – which includes machineries, raw materials, training, technical assistance, etc – varies according to the different equipments needed.

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